New media artist Joseph Lefèvre aka [jocool] holds a Master’s degree in visual arts and communication from the Université du Québec. He has been Director of Artist Residences at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] since 1996. He is co-founder of the Mixsessions collective and participates in the VJ scene as a visual creator where he also works under the label [VisualBang!] With ThisIsNotDesign and VJ Liberty.

His approach revolves around the creation of interactive works and the exploration of a narrative and sensitive world. His accomplishments include The Slaughterhouse Cafe, It’s Raining on the Temple, Traces and Contrasts, The Shaman’s Space, and On the Riverside.

His colorful style unfolds a personal and poetic universe that echoes the creative game of Djs and musicians in a rhythmic dialogue in symbiosis with his audience.