Gérôme Paquette

L'Gros luxe


-Nickname: Chief


-Favorite food: Tortellino a la Gigi


- Favorite drink: Gin and ginger ale ( G,G)


- Catchphrase :cheers

    A follower of poutine and macaroni with cheese, chef Gérôme Paquette is ideally suited to work at L'Gros Luxe, a restaurant offering comforting and affordable cuisine. In addition to being a chef, he is co-owner of the branch located in Old Longueuil. Before L'Gros Luxe, Gérôme Paquette has refined his art in various restaurants such as Dasfoodtruck, Rouge Boeuf and the culinary tavern. Since December 2016, he has also been a partner at Lacrem with the founders Véronik Lacombe and Éric Rémillard. Lacrem offers and distributes to individuals and restaurants a vegan ice cream made in Quebec.    

L’Gros Luxe | Gérôme Paquette

L’Gros Luxe is now the most popular neighborhood restaurant in the greater Montreal area. Sensitive to the particular dynamics of each of the neighborhoods in which he sets up, Alex Bastide flee uniformity, proposing each time a tailor-made restaurant that meets the needs of the local community. Unlike most chains in the restaurant industry, Gros Luxe adapts to each neighborhood up to modify the menus according to the preferences of the clientele.