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Dur à Cuire | Jérémie Marcille

Located in Old Longueuil since October 2013, Dur à Cuire has become a major player in the world of “Bring your own wine” restaurants in Quebec! Hard to cook: the choice of the name was logical for the co-owner, Jérémie Marcille – it’s a catchy name, easy to remember and that represents very well the attitude of both the restaurant and the food. At Dur à Cuire, there are about twenty places on the terrace, and 80 in the dining room (including a bar for 10 people). The kitchen is open concept and plays a vital role in the living atmosphere of the restaurant! It is the fact that the kitchen is open that Jérémie prefers: “the open kitchen allows me to have a direct contact with my customers. I participate in the evening with them and I love the energy that results from all that “. The chef first worked as a cook for restaurants like La Fabrique and Les Héritiers, but most of his experience comes from L’Épicier. Chef for Laurent Godbout, Jérémie has honed his techniques and knowledge before embarking on the great adventure of Dur à Cuire where we have witnessed, for 5 years, the seriousness of his talent.