Romain Abrivard

-Nickname: mon chef


-Favorite food:Roasted chicken potato


- Favorite drink: gin tonic


- Catchphrase:The kitchen is the heart of a restaurant, the customers his soul "Rodolphe Lecomte"


Originally from the Pays de la Loire in France, Romain sees cooking as an incomparable place of sharing and exchange. At the end of adolescence, when making a career choice, he hesitated between the army and the kitchen. He has therefore followed an elaborate training of cook in France at the high school hotelier Sainte-Catherine in Le Mans, where he developed skills of late technician. In the meantime, he worked in a restaurant of Alain Ducasse, and Jean Sulpice then in other starred restaurants in France, before joining his mentor, chef Christophe Canati. It was with him that he finally learned the basics: the techniques, the classics, but most of all, values ​​of listening and respect for others in the kitchen. Romain moved to Canada in 2013. Before becoming a sous-chef at the restaurant, Mr.Mme, he went through the Auberge Saint-Gabriel and the restaurant Les 400 coups in Old Montreal. finalist of the show Les Chef! 2017 he is now the executive chef of the Nouveau Restaurant Henri Brasserie Française

Henri Brasserie Française | Romain Abrivard