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Projection durant le Lumifest 2017

The Lumifest is a videomapping and street food festival that takes root on rue Saint-Charles Ouest in Old Longueuil. This event, whose programming is entirely free, is a production of asphalt broadcast in partnership with the City of Longueuil, the Society for Arts and Technology and Barrakuda events. Many other partners also join the party.


St. Charles Street has a distinctive identity. She calls for walking and casual encounters. The places are imbued with an authenticity shaped by several years of history and enjoy a rich architectural heritage; a particularly inspiring backdrop for video creators. On the occasion of the Lumifest, this magnificent street undergoes an extreme transformation, over a weekend, to become a real open-air museum, where animated works are projected on several buildings and catch the eyes of passers-by for the first time. plunge into multiple and striking universes.

The architectural projection (videomapping) is full of sight, but the program also titillates the other senses. For the ears, a percussive and rhythmic musical offer, with DJs and VJ's selected by the Society for Arts and Technology. And for the taste buds, Lumichefs compete creatively for unforgettable taste experiences.

The itineraries are random, according to the wishes of festival-goers; the places of diffusion are discovered at the turn of an alley, along a walk embellished with animation of street and stops gourmands.

Animation de rue durant le Lumifest 2017


This multimedia technology with infinite possibilities allows to project videos on volumes, to recreate large images on relief structures, such as buildings, or to recreate 360 ​​° universes. In Quebec, videomapping (or architectural projection) was discovered by the general public in 2008 with Le Moulin à images, which projected its creations on the Bunge grain silos in Quebec City. Since then, the studios of Quebec creation continue to revisit this technique and to decline it in all sorts of forms. Their talent is recognized around the world and they are in great demand internationally to produce large-scale creations.

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