Manuel Chantre

Visual, new media artist and composer— Manuel Chantre creates sculptures, installations, performances and public arts. His approach combines technologies including lighting, video projection, music, interactivity, programming, Web, 3D and digital fabrication.

Since 2004, his works have been developed for renowned international institutions in media art, prestigious events, art galleries, commercial projects, public spaces and private collections.

He creates fictive universes by exploring the identity, the memories and the tangible, imaginary or virtual space made by human being. His works are at the crossroads of sensory experience, fiction and commentary.

Chantre is interested to the three-dimensional narrative properties permitted by translucent multi-screen projections, immersive environments, light beams, translucent structures as well as dome and panoramic screens. He seeks to further explore presentation style to create non-linear narratives that encourage and unearth the audience member’s respective memories and experiences.

Light Attraction

Light Attraction is a stunning light-audio performance using high powered lights to shape the interior of an imposing, translucent, rectangular prism. A choreography of masses of light develop a Sci-fi and dramatic narrative. The work may be presented as standalone installation or performance. Light Attraction unfolds as a series of scenes inspired by the phenomenon of nocturnal insects attraction to light sources. This is a metaphor for some obsessive-compulsive behaviour in human beings.

At the crossroads of light sculpture, cinema and audiovisual performance, this piece proposes a singular and affirmed statement on audiovisual performance, both as a narrative and sensorial medium.