The NFB is Canada’s public producer of award-winning and creative audiovisual works, whether it be documentaries, auteur animation, interactive stories or participatory experiences. From St. John’s to Vancouver, NFB producers are well-integrated into communities across the country and work with talented creators to produce innovative and socially relevant works. The NFB is a leader in gender equality in film and digital media production. Guided by the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, he works to strengthen Aboriginal production. The NFB’s work has won more than 7000 awards, including 20 Canadian Screen Awards, 18 Webby Awards, 12 Oscars and more than 100 Genie Awards. To access it, go to or download the NFB applications for mobile devices.

Short films

Isabelle au bois dormant – Claude Cloutier (2007) – 9 min

Vistas – Petit TonnerreNance Ackerman, Alan Syliboy (2009) – 3 min

Vaysha l’aveugle – Theodore Ushev (2016) 8 min

La maison du hérisson – Eva Cvijanovic (2017) 10 min

Une histoire de tortues Kathy Shultz (2012) 9 min

Labo d’animation du Nunavut – La version de l’ours – Jonathan Wright (2010) – 4 min

Ma moulton et moi Torill Kove (2014) 13 min

Autos Portraits – Claude Cloutier (2015) 4 min

La montagne de SgaanaChristopher Auchter (2017) – 10 min

Les horlogersRenaud Hallée (2013) – 4 min

Jeu – Georges Schwizgebel (2006) – 3 min

Train en folieCordell Barker ( 2009) – 9 min

WasetegPhyllis Grant (2010) –6 min