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VOL Qc-322

This new concept of Trik Truk is directly inspired by a sensational case occurred in Quebec in 1949. The first criminal plane crash in the West has in fact produced here in Quebec and is known as the “Air Tragedy from Sault-au-pig. This project was conceived from this true story that inspired a book and two films including The crime of Ovid Plouffe.

From these true facts, we developed scenarios worthy of the best thrillers to immerse participants in a universe mixing action and police investigation. The players are immersed in a destabilizing context from very realistic sets of an airliner including a cockpit, a passenger cabin and a luggage compartment.

Facing a different scenario for each location, participants will get out of a dangerous situation in a limited time, using the most modern techniques of criminal investigation, their sense of logic, imagination … and obviously their ability to communicate effectively with their partner.